Competition village core Haltingen - 1st prize

After a head-to-head race, the jury decided for our concept. For the old trainstation which is converted into a new village center of the old vines-village we are preferring a green solution. At the platform a "Tree-platform" should come, cork-stools and vine-berries are complting the picture of a village which has tradition in vine and fruit farming. Multifunctional blocks creating shared spaces and turning a parking lot into a marketplace. Elements like a chestnut-grove or a band of gardens are underlining the character of a fragmented village.



Czech colleagues in Germany

In June 2016 we welcome our Czech colleagues on their excursion to Germany. Focusing on “Green Infrastructure” the group is visiting current projects in Dresden and Erfurt.
- Citywache Dresden
- Gymnasium Bürgerwiese Dresden
- Bahnhofsvorplatz Dresden-Neustadt
- Spielplatz ega-Park Erfurt


Competition for Mnichovo Hradiste marketplace

After the successful completion of a multi-stage competitive process, we have been commissioned with the planning of the marketplace in Mnichovo Hradiste.



Contribution in Landscpae memory

Our project 'Southern Lohmühlen island' in Berlin is showcased as one of 54 international build landscpae architecture projects in the memory-game from Landezine.




"Gardener's Empire" in Erfurt opened

The redesigned playground and edutainment landscape in Erfurt's ega-park was opened on 08.05.2016 with a great childrens celebration.



Fossil lenses at the river "Red Main", Bayreuth

Within the scope of the Bavarian Federal Garden Show arised water-playground was opened on 23.04.2016.



Competition for 'New Centre Teuschnitz'

Our contribution got an appreciation.



Prize for Architecture of Sachsen-Anhalt 2016

The media library on the 'Design-Campus' of 'Burg Giebichenstein' got a distinction.

Prize for Architecture of Sachsen-Anhalt 2016


German High School Building Award 2016

The media library on the 'Design-Campus' of 'Burg Giebichenstein' got a distinction.

German High School Building Award 2016


Not open competitive realisation competetion „Auer-Garten“ Donauwörth - 1st prize

Our contribution for the competition "Rearrangement Auer-Garten" was awarded with a first prize. The concept provides to join historical squarespaces and new growing gardens in a polymorphic citylandscape.


Competition „Danakil climates world“ in egapark Erfurt - 1st prize

Our contribution for the competition „Danakil climates world“ in egapark Erfurt was awarded with a 1st prize.



Ab in die Mitte!

The area of 'Gewandhaus' got a recognition in the competition of 'Ab in die Mitte'.

City of Dresden

Saxon State Ministry of the Interior


Let's go to Ostra - lake!

Within the building of the flooding gutter in Ostragehege our ancestors destroyed our Dresden Elbe river floodplains, just before Caspar David Friedrich is portraiting it as a lovely river landscape. But now its time to rethink - the gutter is becoming a lake!


Revitalisation old town of Dzierżoniów, Poland

2nd prize in single-staged realisation competition



The New Green-Strategy and Design in Contemporary Public Space

Lecture at the Beijing Forestry University


Redesign of surroundings of the Krämerbrücke in Erfurt

On 1st of June in 2015 the major Andreas Bausewein opened the new designed outdoor installations in the north of the Krämerbrücke in Erfurt. With inclusion of the present vegetation a scenic space in the middle of the city arised, which is openeing generous to the shores of river Gera.




Rehwaldt Landscape Architects - 22nd anniversary was celebrated on 9th of May in 'Zentralwerk' Dresden - withal the three beauties and the Trojan wild.


Riverside Park in Riesa published in “World Landscape Architecture”

Additionally to the trans-regional bike path along the river banks of the Elbe, public open spaces were created in Riesa. These open spaces transform the identity of the industrial location into a recreational area. The magazine “World Landscape Architecture” presents the project in its present issue.

World Landscape Architect


Pilsen 2015

On 14th and 15th May 2015 an international congress concerning the current subjects of landscape development will take place in Pilsen, this year’s European Capital of Culture. Till Rehwaldt will give a speech titled “From Grey to Green – Renewal of the Cultural Landscape”.

Pilsen 2015


Federal Congress “Green in the city”

On 10th and 11th June the Federal Congress “Green in the city” will take place in Berlin. On these two days experts, students and representatives of different federal ministries will be discussing different concepts for the city of the future. Till Rehwaldt will be representing the BDLA (Federation of German Landscape Architects) in an expert forum on the topic “green infrastructure”.


The new green – Expert lectures in Erfurt

Till Rehwaldt will give an expert lecture at the technical college in Erfurt on 21st March 2015.

Fachhochschule Erfurt


Laying of the foundation stone at the Da-Vinci-School Potsdam

On tuesday the foundation stone for the new building of the Leonardo-da-Vinci comprehensive school was laid in the presence of Potsdam’s mayor Jann Jakobs. Apart from the new school building, sports facilities will also be built in the area, including schoolyards and a sports hall with four pitches (total of 1600 square meters). The outdoor sports facilities include two small pitches, a 100 meter running track, a long jump pit, an area for shot-putting, a “green” classroom and a green field for gymnastics.

city of Potsdam


Jury of the German Landscape Architecture Award 2015

Till Rehwaldt is a member of the jury for the German Landscape Architecture Award 2015. All prizes and acknowledgements will be presented on 20th and 21st March 2015.

Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekturpreis


Ideas competition “Future Image of a Green City”

The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, has arranged a competition for students and graduates. Till Rehwaldt will give a keynote lecture titled “All nice and green” on 27th February as part of a workshop.

Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung


Rescue Station Dresden-Johannstadt completed

On 30th January 2014 the Rescue Station Johannstadt was ceremonially opened by Dresden mayor Detlef Sittel and Saxony Interior Minister Markus Ulbig.

City of Dresden


Competition Spiel- und Erlebniswelt im egapark Erfurt

A 1st prize for our contribution.